Hard Rejection First Upload

Hello fellow authors,
This is my first forum. I recently uploaded my first song to Audio Jungle. Ive been very excited to get some material uploaded to the site but to my dissappointment it was Hard Rejected.

“After some careful consideration, it was determined that this submission does not meet AudioJungle’s commercial production (recording/mixing/mastering) standard, and its commercial composition/arrangement standard, unfortunately.”

I Read some of the tips that Envato has offered then listened to the song a few more times. After listening to it today I definitely hear too much repetition in the melody and some instruments that are in the same register that could be clashing.

I have listened to a lot of the popular songs category to try and understand some of the structure used for this upbeat corporate style of music. Obviously there are some things I need to work and I’m hoping to get some item-feedback from the community.

Here is the song :
Uplifting Corporate

Any constructive feedback would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

I am not an expert, in “Uplifting Corporate” style there is a lot of competition, I think your track has a good structure, but the mix may be better, the track has some problems with bass frequencies, and it is very compressed (this emphasizes the problem of the bass frequencies), the drums sounds very compressed and something “midi”, the main guitar could be more open (you can use delay stereo), in 2:19 minutes the song ends abruptly, and I listen strange notes on the bass, this same happens again when the track starts at the minute 2:30 (strange notes on the bass).

I think you should improve the mix and make a couple of new shorter versions…

Thanks DastAudio for the feedback . I will work on the suggestions you have given for future songs. I was told that I could not re submit the same song since it was hard rejected :frowning: I definitely hear what you mean about the bass and and compressed drums. I like your idea for the stereo delay I’ll play around with that .

Also i will add about arrangement. In my opinion there is almost no development and there is no difference between parts (sections) of item

For example recommended to listen this work for understanding. Once again i stress that i only mean arrangement.

Good luck & wish success mate :wink:

Hi there @Production_Gorilla !
I may agree with production and arrangement issues.
The muted guitar should be with a delay 8d, in stereo or even better ping-pong setting to get that endless sounding arpeggio.
Also I would try straight 4 on the floor drums, and 8ths bass. Work on reverbs (I hear a lot also on kick) and transitions.
As @EliansProductions said, there’s no development in the melody, maybe a shortest version with 2 or 3 melody changes would help you on building a different arrangement as well, such as breakdown, intro, chorus, bridge and so on.
After that, you’ll get a better result by using the best samples you have, and EQing and compress could be better. :slight_smile:
hope it helps!! but as always, listen to the greats first and then build your own :slight_smile:

By the way, I think that if you change the track significantly, you can re-submit with different name as well.
Wish luck man

I’ll correct. I did not talk about the melody, but about the arrangement as a whole. Two different things :wink:

i was adding

Thanks for all the feedback everyone I really appreciate it! I checked out the example given and i am getting a better understanding of the arrangement factor . I have been listening to the popular files in order to understand structure and what I took from it was repetition (and obviously way too much of it haha) . I keep hearing songs that play the main melody most of the time through the song but I am noticing more how many harmony layers get added to keep it interesting. Also there seems to be at least one “B” section in most songs that has a second chord progression and melody. I’ll put these suggestions into practice and hopefully come out with something that will be accepted. I also notice that layers seem to get added and taken away at least every 8 bars. Once again I really appreciate the feedback. Thank you.

I’ve just been rejected in corporate…minutes ago, so who knows how it’s going to be :slight_smile: