Yet Another Hard Reject, can somebody please help me?

Hey Everybody,

This tune just got rejected and I have no idea why, can somebody please help me? I write a new tune and submit it everyday, my que is always filled. I listen to selling authors and tunes and try to figure out what makes them tick everyday. I’m trying so hard to get something passed and sold and after well over 20 tunes I have yet to get anything accepted. I don’t know what else to do, as I have no idea what I’m doing wrong.

This is the definition of insanity, I’m so frustrated!

Here is a link to other rejected tunes as well:


seems like they pick ppl they know or arbitrarily think are good as this happened to all of my recently uploaded work. Plus you cannot re-upload the same songs again. Mine said something about commercial quality but then I listened to songs in my genre that were accepted and think…“this got chosen and mine didn’t?” which leads me to believe its nepotism or friends picking friends songs or whatever. Not going to waste my time uploading again. Also I listened to your track and see no reason its not listed. Makes no sense.

Hey Outtareach,

I’m sorry, it sounds like we are both in a similar spot, this blows. It’s my hope that this difficulty is not dues to a “who you know” not “what you know” scenario and would hope that the merit of a piece being accepted was because of it’s quality and meeting of aesthetics.


its all subjective man and thats whats funny about it. You listen to half the stuff on there and wonder how it got approved in the first place. some of it has to be seniority. you get something approved and I’m assuming you will get more approved. If you’re already making music for yourself, like I do, then don’t worry about it. But if you’re making music exclusively to try and sell here you may be wasting your time. Find other services that may be easier to get approved. you wait for 2 weeks only for them to reject your piece.

Hi Steve,

Mystery Cello is a very dark and brooding piece, I like it. With some work, I think it could sell well. Makes me think of the James bond video game Golden Eye for some reason.

Maybe part of the reason it was rejected is because of the instrument sounds.
The cello doesn’t sound realistic. I gotta say, of all the instruments to try and emulate with synthesis or samplers, the cello has to be one of the most difficult to get to sound good. Even when you spend hundreds on a sample library and hours and hours of midi tweaking, it’s still a b@stard to knock into shape.
My advice for the cello part would be to try swapping out the cello for a whole string ensemble, which is an easier beast to tackle, and add some harmonies.
The starkness of the piece would sound amazing with a rich sounding cello being played by a talented cellist though, so if you know anybody who plays, or live nearby a music college, recording it live would be good fun and would get you the best results.

There is some unpleasant sibilance on the reverse cymbal / crash that needs sorting.
The snare drum sound is too dry and lacks any real punch and the kick is a bit flat and lifeless.

Overall, the sound is a bit boxy and lacks sparkle. I would suggest having a look on Youtube for some mastering techniques tutorials. I find the ones from Fabfilter are really great, and although they work better if you have the Fabfilter plugins, a lot of the basic principals work with plugins that you can find by default in most DAWs.
I would also stress how important it is to have quality speakers / listening environment in order to make the best informed mixing decisions.

I would also say to you, try not to buy into paranoia. I know it’s a kick in the nuts when you get your track rejected. You need to distance yourself from your music a little. Try to listen critically to how it sounds days after you finish producing. Sometimes fresh ears can reveal a lot.
Also, if you make comparisons to other tracks on AJ, always compare your tracks with the very best. That way, you can see what direction your mix needs to go. It is pointless to get bogged down with negative thoughts about how unjust it is that sometimes poor songs are approved.

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