One sale for June, 280 items!

Hi guys! I see that on Envato I can’t get enough sales. 1 sale in 11 days with 280 items. I want to make a very difficult decision and remove at least 90% of my portfolio. Do you think this is the right step? Thanks in advance!

I don’t want to knock on closed doors anymore!!! I respect myself and my work!

1 sale in 11 days (with continuous loading of tracks) in one of the most popular audio markets.

Good luck to everyone!


Unfortunately everywhere is just bussiness!

Envato made Elements and they are making a fortune with it on your backs guys and this will not change it will only get worse… I said this before imagine that you are a client that wants stock footage in your case music or sfx… what would you do? pay 29$ for a single item or subscribe to Elements for the same ammount and get a million items, be honest the answer will be 99% of cases Elements.

I sell code, it is also affected but not as bad as A.J. stuff.

Hard days ahead that’s for sure.


Hi ,
Well no need to remove your track, just go non exclusive, I think it’s probably safer :slight_smile:


The advice in that video might be helpful for you. There’s no reason to delete your tracks from AJ unless you really think that there is an exclusive-only site that would serve you better. The biggest exclusive-only competitor recently slashed their author share in their photo/video departments, so it’s probably not a good time to jump ship to there at the moment.

Don’t forget that going non-exclusive here is completely reversible, so you can try it out for a few months and if it’s not working out to your liking, you can just switch right back.


This is strange and incomprehensible (


Thank you guys for your advice and support! But I still decided to delete (all that is not for sale).
Good mood to you all!

I hope for better times for you CMA. :slight_smile:
What are you planning to do with all of your deleted tracks?

Upload to other marketplaces (mainly Chinese audio platforms).


Guys, thank you for your opinions and the fact that you convinced me not to do stupid things, as well as some other nuances that I understood. I will not remove 90% of my portfolio. I deleted 18 items! Enough so as not to destroy my portfolio with a bang here! I stopped! It is really stupid to “cut everything off shoulder!”

But such low sales here still do not suit me (1 sale for half a month)! This is shame and disgrace, especially to those employees of Envato who are engaged in promotion audio tracks (they do not do their job and they get their salary undeservedly)!

It would be right to hire other employees of Envato who will be engaged in promotion! These (real) employees are not doing their job!

Or they’re doing it, but it’s very unreasonable!!! The author with 10 tracks (now 27) got into the “featured file of the week”. But the author with 280 items (now 262) for 3 years of hard work on music was not even considered to get there! :joy:

Very strange not reasonable!

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To be fair it’s a quality track and has sold well in it’s very short lifetime here. It also has good commercial viability.


The author spent less than a year on stock and practically did not work at all (10/27 tracks). Is it fair to put it on the first page of the site? It’s not fair!

I think it is a good example of if an author has a quality track and stands out then it should be recognised and promoted. This is featured file not featured author.


Admitted. He has increased sales and not ours (who is sitting here and working tirelessly, including you)!
I wrote in support of Envato that their track promotion team is not working properly! And it is a fact!

I think so that need to completely dismiss the team and change it to a more adequate Envato audio promotion team!

The author uploaded one track here and we will put it in the featured files of the week. Rave!

Hey there, CMA! I understand your frustration. IMO, there’s no point in deleting any of your amazing tracks. As suggested above, if the sitation is that bad, you can just set your account to non-exclusive and upload everything to other stock music sites. Actually, other markets take edits like 15 seconds, 30 seconds, loopable versions, etc., as individual items so you can potentially make more than 600 tracks out of your portfolio.

If it just doesn’t compensate for the exclusivity share loss, you can always roll back to exclusive.

My two cents. Wish you the best, mate!


Envato doesn’t really care about us as individuals. They provide a means for us to sell our digital media to their customer base, and that is all.
They own and control the platform. I think the only factor that they take into account is what will put the most $s into their pockets.

Apart from the group who are either staff, or friends of staff, we can’t really expect any special treatment. There is no special relationship or loyalty between Envato and it’s authors. (If there ever was, it’s since eroded.)
To them, you and I are just two of twenty-odd thousand musicians who choose to sell their audio on their website.

With that in mind, I would suggest that you treat Envato in the same way. They are a business, and your music-making is your business. You do not work for them. Their platform is just a means on which to make some money for your business. If you feel that their platform is not performing how you would like, there are other options. I don’t think it’s healthy to have all of your valuable assets tied up with one company who are calling all the shots. Take the power back, it’s your music.

Having quoted Rage Against the Machine, I think it’s also important to try not to let emotions, particularly anger, factor into business decisions. To be honest, I’m quite guilty of that from time to time.
It’s a good idea to consider the things that you have control over and focus on the things that you can do that will put the most money into your business’ pockets.


Oh, and BTW, I must admit that I’m quite an admirer of a rather new author who recently had a well deserved featured track with an even smaller portfolio (20 tracks ATM). IMO, he’s slowly building a solid catalogue, with very carefully produced and composed tracks and a sharp sense of their commercial viability. In my almost 5 years here, I never been featured either in anyway but personally I enjoy seeing a job well done rewarded. Hope I make it there sometime, though I hardly doubt it. :slight_smile:

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Hello @WormwoodMusic and thank you for your good wishes! :wink:

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Ahahaha ! This is probably true! :slightly_smiling_face: Two cripples! :joy:

Usually I never have problems with a “cold, prudent mind”, but sometimes emotions are overwhelming. Really emotions get in the way!


That’s exactly what I will do! :wink:

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:laughing: beautifully put!

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