AudioJungle Sales Monitor 2


The original is closed due to reach limit.

Everybody say second parts usually are worst… :joy:
I hope this one no, and get a lot of sales for us!
Good luck guys!

AudioJungle Sales Monitor
April's sales are gone
One track - One sale - One paw and FIVE stars !

Great! Here we go again! My favorite thread :slight_smile:

My first sale! very happy!

I already bought a ticket for the second part of this blockbuster!):popcorn::cup_with_straw: Let’s get it started!


A new era begins! :rofl::tada:


Let’s go! :wink:


Hahaha! What’s up guys! Yeah, the other thread is absolutely dead.


No sales monitor thread without some great Marbury drama! Let’s hope he shows up soon. :slight_smile:


Hoping good sales for everyone!


At the moment, terrible sales, just a pittance, but I believe in good! Good luck with sales!


Yeah! good luck with sales :smiley:


Picked up a bit. Not bad considering all sites down this month.


What a first post! :wink:


New post on new thread :smile:


Sales have grown steadily this year and I thought March was the turning point. Then came along April :frowning:


Oops. You started here without me! I was not invited! I hardly found you all. :grin:


And I forgot to admit, sales are “absolutely dead” :smiley::man_shrugging:t3::rofl::rofl:


Oh there you are! :smiley: Thanks @Manriquedelara


Absolutely dead :slight_smile:


Got one sale 6 days ago, then absolutely dead.


And one sale after dead here :slight_smile: