Poor sales , Help !

Hey there !

I’m a newbie to AJ only 7 tracks submitted in a year.
I’m thankful that AJ has accepted all my tracks, however my sales are generally around 2 or less.
I haven’t submitted tracks as 15,30,60 sec edits and I’m thinking that may be one part of the problem.
I assume the mixes and content are fine, since they have been accepted.
I write mostly rock cues which might be the problem lol
There are plenty of sales for other rock composers ( well deserved ) so I know it’s possible for me.
I plan on writing and submitting more frequently to stay active with AJ.
Any help would be appreciated.
Here’s a link to my portfolio.
Thanks for your input.

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Keep patience. Work hard on new content. 7 tracks quite not enough for stable income. Good luck.

Make more music with high quality and get more sales. That’s what i did.

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Had three sales today :sunglasses:
Stay positive and don’t over analyze.
Cheers :beer:

Unfortunately, and maybe fortunately for increasing sales you will have to work hard! Try to do a lot of high-quality and modern music, develop and improve yourself and the reward will find his hero!

PS By the way, a good portfolio, I listened to a couple of works! The main thing do not stop!

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Maybe you need some changes if your current style is not working. Think of something that can attract your clients, or consider having a more personal yet professional relationship with them. Good Luck!

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I now do sales fell in April(