I can't seem to be able to break through

Hi all, first of all thanks to all of you who have replied to my rants :wink:

I a further attempt to get at least one track approved I submitted the following two, my first in the corporate style.
They have been rejected with the usual formula. At this point I am really thinking of quitting AJ as 20 tracks have been rejected despite my efforts. Before I do that and move on to other libraries, I would like to have your input on what I have been doing wrong. Thanks a lot!


I am not a corporate music expert, but the first track feels tiny bit slow to me, maybe a couple of bpm up would help it. Also consider getting faster from 00:00 - 0:20 when the action starts. Finger snaps seems a litte bit loud.

2nd track I like the best. I think this one could easily be approved, but at the same time there are is an insane number of tracks like this submitted so its very hard to get approved in the corporate genre unless you have something oustanding or slightly unique. Also the more real instruments you use the better you chances in the corporate genre I think you would have.

I would recommend you not to give up on AJ though, I had ALL my music rejected a little over a year ago. Non exclusive music that were doing ok in other libraries, so I had to start from scratch researching what formats that works for AJ. Point is that you got great composing skills and you can play the piano well as far as I remember from previous rejects. Try to fill out more of the genres that are not so saturated as a start would be my best advice, focus on your strengths first. I think you will get approvals soon.

And both of these 2 tracks can function well in other libraries with less submissions, so no worries!

Keep it up!

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Your two Corporate tracks are not bad, but the problem is submitting content to an existing over-saturated category that is full of the same content using the same instrumentation and arrangement formula. The market is bursting with corporate tracks that all (to me) sound the same and only the work on the popular files list stand out. How does an Author succeed on this marketplace? Well do something different in a different category that is not full of the same thing. Specialise and do it well both in composition and mixing the finished product. What makes a track stand out? Something that is different in structure and is highly usable in a variety of end-user projects. I avoid the corporate genre completely since I cannot offer anything remarkable from the rest.

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Thanks for your kind words! I have really tried my best to make these tracks sound ok but there is always something that I am missing. Yes probably the corporate field is too busy!

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Thanks for your reply! I am good at funk and disco but I don’t think there’s a place here for the stuff that I like the best…! :joy:

Do it - Funk has always been good for my efforts.

Getting your tracks approved is easy. Selling them is what’s the real challenge!

I have 100% approval. Not a single track or sound rejected since I joined a year ago, but the sales are very, very slow. To the point that I currently make in day at my regular job more that I’ve made on AJ in the past year…

Keep working on your tracks and hopefully they’ll be approved. Good luck! :slight_smile:

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Thanks! I am working hard!