Love to hear feedback after Hard Rejection

Hello everybody,

I’m new to Audiojungle and uploaded my first 5 tracks for review last week. 4 pieces were rejected with a hard reject. Of course, I’ve listened to some music on AudioJungle before and tried to hit the style of the platform. I obviously did not succeed.

The comment of the Envato Quality team reviewer was:
„This item does not meet the general commercial quality standard required to be accepted on AudioJungle, unfortunately.
To understand commercial stock composition, arrangement and production better, please read the following article [] „

I‘ve read the article but had no enlightenment.
I’m probably too close to my pieces to see where the problem is.
It would be very great if someone would like to help me on my way.
…I would have liked a more enjoyable debut in this forum.

Greetings from Germany

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Hi ! Hmmmm honestly I don’t understand why your track were rejected… Your composition work for this kind of stuff sound really unique and fresh ! I think it’s because this musical genre is oversatured… or maybe there is too originality behind your work. I can’t judge the mix aspect, but everything seems to be fine… Your track sound really great and are very inspiring ! I like it a lot ! ( Usually I hate corporate track aha)

Don’t be desperate, and you can upload these s track elsewhere. Aj is not the “best place to be” right now … Some market will be really happy to have these kind of work on their library !

To conclude, if you really want to be accepted here, try to have some stuff more “AJ” so not too much melodies, very easy structure and arrangement and high commercial value. If you want to have your own personality and uniqueness through your musical work I suggest you to try on other market. Or You can upload all your rejected track on other market, and work for having more approval here. You did a great job ! Keep it up Good luck :slight_smile: I hope it’s help !

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Hey Osynthw,

Thank you for your great feedback. It always feels nice to get more praise than criticism. Great that you like my music. In addition to your praise, I also read out useful advice for me. Keeping my personality out of my (corporate) pieces, or at least limiting it, is certainly an advantage, as you are right.

This is not easy when composing. Especially in this is a lot of fun potential. I will work on it (at least with this kind of music). I think developing the ability to meet the point that matters and keeping your personality in the background is in a sense professional and therefore desirable.

I was actually a bit desperate by the rejection of my pieces. I will try to develop the “AJ” spirit for “AJ” and try to sell everything that is rejected on other libraries.
Not much melodies, easy structure and arrangement and high commercial value seems to be more challanging than I thought.

Thank you for your good tips, I’m actually better now. Have a good time!

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You’re welcome ! it was a great pleasure :slight_smile:
And yes find a balance is one of the hardest thing to do in this kind of business ! But let your creativity take the control first !

And don’t compose for the reviewer ! Compose for your own business and niche first ! Approval here doesn’t mean so much :slight_smile:

If you’re approved here it’s really great and this is what I’m hoping for you ! But your music is great so you don’t have to worry about rejection here. The time are harder than before.

My high rejection rate is very very very high but I have learned to not take it personal and I found other Marketplace where everything is fine (No rejections) ! :slight_smile:

Aj help me to try to be more trendy and have commercial value in my track ! But other Market place are helping me to create my own portfolio / Niche and let my creativity talk !

And I’m considering myself as a beginner ! So if I manage to do this, you can do it too and
probably in a better way than me !

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Hello! Your tracks for the sound quality of the instruments and mixing are quite good. But it seems to me that you did not catch the structure and meaning of the Commercial tracks. According to the melody your tracks resemble pop songs. I even suspected that you use ready-made tablature pop songs, for example, in the first track you can guess Daft Punk, and in the third Coldplay. However, it may seem to me. In general, you need to master the structure of the composition of corporate tracks.

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Hey Museraptor,

I’ve just read your feedback. Sorry for the late reply. It’s very helpful to hear how my music
affects others. You are right. This pieces have a build up and a structure which is to long and does not meet the point. They doesn’t support pictures or a message. Pop songs as you say. I didn’t use templates. I thought this kind of build up was the right way. I think I underestimated this music. Composing with high commercial value is still a challange for me.

Thank you very much for your feedback and have a nice time!