This Corporate Track Advices

This corporate track advices and this corporate so what category I’ll put it

Plagiarism. “Hard rejected”. I think so.

No, I did not play a role, so reason?

This is my copyright !
No, I did not play a role, so reason?

no need to make exact copies .

So why hard rejected?

hactive, this is what 60% of audiojungle is allready doing.
Not that it’s bad (kick drum is a bit bad though) but if you are going to be doing what almost everyone else does you need to be on top of your game and be very, very good in this genre.


Thank you for the opinion

This marketplace has 100’s if not 1000’s of the same kind of track using the same formula - reverse intro, 4/4 kick, piano, muted or similar arpeggio and some strings with a dropout in the first half of the track. For a track like this and countless others they need to stand out somehow. I would not know where to start to even think about doing a track like this - in fact I personally would not bother at all. Too many of these tracks are already crowding the corporate category which then assists buyers choosing from the popular files list as they are very good and that is why they still sell in large numbers on a weekly basis.


Sorry Robert - did not see your post before I replied to this thread.

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You said it much better good sir!

Not sure what advice you want to hear but the gents @RobertSlump and @gballx nailed it. It’s a track like 1000s of others, probably somewhere in the middle quality wise. Is that enough to get it accepted these days? I would’t bet on it. If you want to increase your chances you should definitely take a look at that kick because it is kind of out of context and pretty annoying. Also the harshness in the high frequencies is problematic. Some more dynamics would be good too as everything is pretty static. Good luck.

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So thank you guys

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This has been accepted, thank you so much

This has been accepted thank you Audiojungle