Corporate track rejected. Would like to hear your thoughts.


I’d like to share with you a track that was rejected and I’m not sure where the issue lies. Any hints or tips are welcomed. I’m strill trying to understand what makes a good royalty music. Thank you!


My opinion: Bass Drum too dominant, melody vanishes in the mix (it does not com to hearable level).

To understand, what makes a good track for the desired purpose, is the most difficult, because it has a lot to do with feel and emotion. I try to imagine, where a track could be used, but I admit, that is all but easy.
When a business decides to use music, they will have all the expectations regarding modern music/mix, something that is hardly possible, when you are creating music on low budget.
On one hand you have to try to compete with something, that everybody hears every day, on the other hand, you will have to work economically (as well as for the money as for the work).

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I’ll have a think about that. The track I wasn’t really proud of got accepted and I thought this one is better. Thanks for your input.

Apologize for English. Kick must be clean. It’s not commercial chord patterns.

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Hey @Mycelial_Cords_FXs

I took a listen and it sounds to me that the bass is too strong and the chord progressions as someone else mentioned are not commercial enough. I know it sucks when you feel really proud of a track and are sure it will get accepted versus other songs you aren’t so proud of, just last week I had that exact issue but I looked at it as an experience to learn what I could do better instead. Rejections don’t always mean the track is bad, it just means the track may be not commercial enough to sell well enough on the marketplace. :slight_smile:

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Hey Aaron,

Thanks for your input. After reading what you and feelingmusic said I feel I have a better idea of what went wrong and I already got a new track ready to be uploaded later today. The problem with hard rejection was that there’s not enough info and I could’t guess what was the problem but it’s like that for everybody and it’s good that the community is really helpful.

So thanks again, and hopefuly I’ve got a better picture of what sells :slight_smile: Wish me luck!

Hi there,

Great track, but I think the kick and bass are too prominent. You could half the first section and turn up anything with melody. I think melody it key. The section at around 37 seconds is a little too sparse perhaps. That melodic high sound with the delay effect on it at 1:03 is a great sound. I would have that sound start close to the beginning of the song. It gives the piece a more positive and uplifting feel. Hope this helps. Keep it up! Best of luck.

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