Please give feedback why the item was rejected?


A few things, I think corporate tracks usually have more syncopation. You have more of a rock groove going. The 1 and 3 kick is standing out too, it’s almost country like in places. Also the cymbal swells make no sense while the drum track is grooving, a real drummer would never do that, try light building 8th note crashes instead.

Finally, corporate is probably the most difficult style to get approved because its so saturated, so don’t be surprised if it takes 110% to get approved.

Good luck!


You might want want to check out this track first:

I know corporate tracks all sound pretty similar, but yours sounds pretty close to this one! Not a huge issue, but there’s a chance the reviewer knew that track since it’s fairly well established.

Other than that, some of the sounds aren’t very high quality - particularly the drums. They sound numbed and dull. The piano could be more dynamic and realistic sounding. Try playing with velocity and avoiding robotically-perfect timing. Also the transition at 1:45 is pretty sudden and unepexcted considering the cymbal swell a few seconds before.

Overall the track just sounds a little ‘MIDI’.

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Big thanks! I did have a track in the reference, but not this one, although this one also sounds similar

No problem.

Actually, it was this track I was thinking of (I know a bunch of popular tracks here pretty well and I tend to group these two together in my memory). Unfortunately, it’s even more similar to the point where it nearly sounds like a direct copy :sweat_smile:


Short answer: Probable reason for rejected, copy.
The track to which the @AurusAudio gave the link and your track are really very similar.

lol again this is mega similar and this is why i don’t like corporate music. There is a ton of similarity even complete plagiarism!. I’d rather copy @AurusAudio corporate tracks than this one and end my whole career. what a sick joke :rofl: :rofl:

Damn! It’s literally the same.

maybe it wasn’t the best idea. but I followed the to study the construction of certain elements of the composition and the character of the sound. I think that it is necessary to get an understanding and experience at the beginning. so it’s not so bad that this track wasn’t accepted. in any case, I observe that this style is full of secondaries and repetitions.