Sales behavior

Obviously my job seems be really bad, I sell my tracks just the first day when is approved, two days later the analytic shows, that the same track appears in the last places for search. That means = 30 hours of work invested in each track for Earn $9.50

Could someone tell me what to improve please?:confused:

There’s nothing you can do, that’s the way AJ and royalty free sites work. Only thing to do is to the create big enough portfolio so that the “dribble sales” are of reasonable scale. Or get really REALLY lucky and manage to get a trending item, but that can’t be predicted.

You can put links to your older tracks and /or playlists on each and every new item you upload. This might increase cickthrough to your older tracks. I think it works, though I have absolutely no proof! :smile:


Yep. I trying to find a little time to do this but i always forget :smile_cat:

You have 14 items and 39 sales. Many authors here sell even less per item than that. It’s those other authors’ new items that shuffle down your tracks into the deep dark depths of the search abyss. Too many authors, too many items. If you want to get ahead of the crowd you need to make better music, or work faster, or both.


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RealityMusic… This is the RealityAJ. :wink: You are indeed doing pretty well in the current big messy situation. You will notice that even one sale a week will make your overall rank go higher… which means others get even less.

Thanks a lot guys! your answers have been very interesting for me. I´ll try to put your advices into practice… Thanks a lot :grinning:

I’ve thought this myself many times. In the end, the only way you will succeed is to keep uploading quality music and not worry about sales too much. Hard work will be rewarded in time.

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