Bad sales. (

The last three months, my sales began to fall sharply. April is generally a bad month, only six sales. Considering that envato is my main income. I understand that this is the influence of the experiment. Or what is it? Tell me. New tracks are not for sale. (((

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Most of the contributors with a few exception are experimenting this. Personally I believe the guilt is Envato Elements and the very agressive advertisement, the banner to Elements is everywhere in the market pages, even in the buyer cart, just before to make the payment the buyer sees, 'pay 16$ and get a unlimited files" :slight_smile: and this also is causing confusion because not all files are on Elements, the buyer when sees that banner thinks that he will get all the files from all markets because the Elements page and advertising is misleading.

Really disappointed of this approach, they should play a fair game with the contribututors, in the end we are in partnership, and from what I see this will not change very soon.

All we can do is to fight and hope for the best ;0.


Hello! I think that maybe you need to experiment and try to write different genres of music. You have 232 corporate tracks in your portfolio. It seems to me (and maybe even it doesn’t seem :slight_smile: ) need to try hard or trust only luck, so that someone bought corporate track in the middle of a huge competition from two sides: elements and a crowded genre on AJ. But you are partly right that the market that was in 2018 (and until 2018) will no longer be as profitable (for many) in 2019, because the subscription model with its banners also makes it difficult to earn normal income here (although there perhaps other reasons for lower sales for example: other markets-competitors).
My thoughts. :slight_smile:

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