Sales down last two month

Hello, i have a huge decline of sales last months, something about 200%. Maybe someone have idea what i do wrong, and maybe what’s a reason (summer, payment changes)? I will appreciate any answers. Thanks

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Sometimes it happen for festivals, vacations etc. Try to promote your portfolio yourself. It’s not a good idea always to depend totally on envato. Make your audience bro.

thanks for advice:wink:

Some people`s sales down
BUT , some people sales UP !) (Like me =) )


My sells were never big :smiley: but I think it is really hard starts selling this days

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Me too, bro…but never give up, all be great! Stay positive, and make your music better :wink:

Thank you mate :slight_smile: good luck too

I’ve never had big sales but I put up 15 tracks fairly quickly, all approved and only got a couple of sales the last 2 months. Something is amiss…

How many sales should you have got?

I don’t know, maybe 100, maybe 0. but statistic show big difference. stable 30-40 vs 10-15 last 2 months

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I don’t know if you’re referring to me but at least 10, they are solid tracks. I’m a nobody on the AJ radar, but in the recent past when I would put up say 3 tracks, I’d get at least 5 sales…