Sales drastically dropped.

Hi, everyone! I was on vacation for the past three weeks and hadn’t upload much. After that, I can hardly sell any tracks. I’ve recorded new ones but still no sales. It’s like I’m under some kind of ban. Nobody buys anything. It’s July already - zero sales. Could it really be that pause can so drastically decrease my sales? Before that, I was selling regularly.

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This month started with a weekend + US holiday, so I imagine it’s been a slow few days for a lot of people- just check out the Sales Monitor thread and you’ll see lots of people complaining. AudioJungle Sales Monitor


Maybe it’s because of the new search engine. Similarly, 10 days of no sales :pensive:

yeah, it’s sad.(

I think the best way to have sales is to do continuous uploads and approvals…
Having your own network and sharing your portfolio can also be very useful.
Greetings and good luck with sales!