I've been inactive for two/three years - what's the state of things?

Pre 2020 I was going hard making tracks, but I’m sure like a lot of people the pandemic shifted priorities around. I’d love to get back into creating music for sale! There’s a couple of things I’m super curious about:

  • I remember a lot of concern around the Elements subscription model devaluing the regular marketplace. Has this settled somewhat or is it still a thing? I’ve noticed you can’t apply to be an elements author for audio anymore?

  • I also remember waves of $5 dollar and “The Hip-Hop”, “The Future Bass” tracks. How has it affected your sales? Is it just a race to the bottom now?

  • Have there been any innovations in licensing and royalty tracking? It’d be so cool to be able to register my sold tracks for extended royalties!

  • Finally, do you think AudioJungle is still a viable marketplace to invest the time into as an exclusive author?

Lots of questions I know but if you’ve got any tidbits for someone trying to catch up that’d be super helpful!

Oh, it’s gotten much worse since then.


The sales monitor thread has some answers - AudioJungle Sales Monitor 3 - #2371 by AbandonSoundDesign

Sadly not a good state.


Now up to 20 days without a sale.


June, July, August - 9 tracks were uploaded. Price from $ 11 to $ 15. 1 sale. So far, everything is very sad.



Situation is not good, but Audio Jungle is still a place where you can have sales and extra money. For example, I made 3 sales at 47$ this month. I just decided to price more higher than previous month etc. If you are interested by a come back for you, I suggest to remove the exclusivity and start to upload everywhere you can and wait for extra money ! Stock market is still bringing money, but your expectation have to decrease related to this global market. Money is there, but it’s harder, is it worth it ? I still belive it for sure, it will depend on how much effort you want to put in ! (But many efforts doesn’t mean it will works at this time, so maybe you can have some fixed aim related to your week. Maybe One track a month, one track a week / etc )

You can considering registering your portfolio with CONTENT ID things too !


Register with Content ID, Identifyy for example.


I have basically the same numbers for that time period, except that my prices are higher. 1 sale on a $35 track.


You’ll probably have great tracks but in terms of quantity you need considerably more to see an uptick in sales.


I registered an account in AudioJungle in 2014, but I didn’t know much about it at that time. I uploaded several music works and gave up after being rejected. This year, we started uploading again. At present, 3 music works have been approved. Just today, there has just been a sale. This is my experience.

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