About sales on Audiojungle during winter holidays



Hi, guys! How are you today?
Have a question. These winter holiday are first for me on Audiojungle and I want to ask you about sales during this time. Everything is OK, or it is better to release new tracks after some time? Thank you all!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


As my previous experience tells me sales are slowing down from christmas till the end of 1-2 week of new year last year was even till 20th january. So better keep your new tracks till that time. Everybody on holidays :slight_smile:


I’ve always been of the opinion that if something isn’t available to buy on the site… then nobody is going to buy it. As a result, you’re probably better uploading yesterday than you are tomorrow. I mean, is an hour on the homepage the be all and end all?!


As long as Envato system has the moronic concept where the last weeks best selling tunes get extra promotion it is best to upload as close to Monday. They really should change it to best tunes of past 7 days and generate it each morning from scratch.


That was Dec 2015, not that bad:

Now it is getting extremely slow, despite new items online… let’s see what’s next.


Very quiet for me too (but it’s my first year)
0 sale for 3 days.
Worse (and I don’t know if it already happen to somebody here) :
I have make -1 sale !!! A customers payment refused by the bank !
So they took back the money of my account :frowning:

Even worse : It happen at Xmas evening (at 23:08) :slight_smile: It’s the magic of Christmas !!!

But i still release new tracks. They’re better on web than on my PC… :wink:

Merry Xmas.



I hope it will be not so bad :slight_smile:


Christmas magic :joy:
Don`t give up! And it is also my first year there :wink:


Last year I had about 6 sales for January, but in my portfolio was not more than 10 items. I uploaded main part of them in January. in February, don’t uploaded anything - there was one sale.
I think better to load after the holidays.

Merry Xmas!


Keep you stuff till 10-15th january if you don’t want to completely lose your new uploaded Items in this slow holiday’s period. Just a small advice.


thanks, Mike!


thank you! Ive made this topic just for such advises, because its my first winter holidays there :wink: