Do you usually have a decrease of sales in january?

Hello there!
How strongly your sales decreased in this month?
When the customers usually back from vacations and sales recover?

I’m not offering music under this account, but I’ve been in this forum for a few years as a participant. From what I’ve read, there is usually a drop after the major holidays.

Hi @PrestoSound

It’s unfortunately yes for me. But I’m relatively new on envato (I’m selling since september).
Only 6 sales in 14 days (and i think it’s not bad ; i’m lucky - some famous authors made less)

Wait and see… (and upload before recovering) :smirk:


Yeap, sales are usually decrease on first week or so because of holidays.

I wouldn’t say there was a drop in January, more of a drop at Christmas and New Year that might continue for the first week or two of January. Unless the majority of your sales in December were from Christmas items, then you’d probably have a drop in January.

Yes,about 50% (or more) drop at the end of December and the whole of January,i look at sales in 2015 and it was the same story.

Unfortunately, here the same story. December is usually quite good for us, but January is sad - was so last year, and these first two weeks of January were quite slow too. Well, let’s hope the customers will be back soon :slight_smile: Courage! :muscle:

I have sold 5 songs, between 6th and 15 January. Maybe is good In my case, managing still small numbers. But what I remember is that last November was so dry for everyone!