About the sales upon new years first weeks

I’m curious about how does sales fare on the first few weeks of new year. If an experienced user with analytics on that subject could answer, would be great.

To be more open, I’m planning a track release after new years, and thinking right now sales would be very low at first few days, so I wouldn’t get the impact factor, and the item will be forgotten. Is that the case? Do the sales drop significantly at first days of new year? (due to fact that commercial projects would be a little delayed after that big new year events, people get rest a little etc)

Naming a few elite authors I’ve seen on forum for a possible answer on subject: @AurusAudio, @RedOctopus

January usually is a bit slow for me, and if I want my track not to be buried alive right after release then I plan my submission so the track go online after 15th of January.

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That’s what I was planning exactly, thanks!

Your tracks even will be buried alive after 15th January. :wink: :joy:

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So do you mean my tracks are that bad they have no chance or you’re talking about these «elementary» ugly things like «subscription» and «no-money-to-the-contributor» business models?

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But, you know, it doesn’t really matter anything this times. As of now you could have 20 brand new accepted tracks in a hottest sales wise month and get nothing (absolutly NULL, like really 20 tracks in a row with no sales at all). Or you can get a bunch of broadcast licenses sold on a weekends or holidays. Or someone would by 15 standard licenses for one track on January 1st (like it happened to me). The one way to move here is to create, upload, forget, repeat.

I´m saying that the amount of uploaded tracks after 15th January will buried your tracks, mine and all the tracks uploaded after christmas. They wont be in the first page not even one day.

I was just joking. Just a joke. Just for fun.


I was joking too, like «What do You mean, Sir?:angry:» well, that didn’t played well, or whatever :smiley:. Anyway I think it doesn’t matter anymore when your track will land online. There are people who promote their accounts and they have a lot of refferal sale (maybe, or maybe not, I really don’t know). What I see (as no-outside-AJ-promotion-author) is AJ’s loosing traffic. And I see more new authors on forums. So more authors are coming in and more customers are coming out of this market. So landing on the wrong day of week (or month) it’s not the first thing to kill your track immediately.

Ok, I don’t know who and why flagged my post as a Spam (maybe beause of a link to another site?), but I was just saying that the traffic is going down. Although it has been incredibly high a few moths ago.

First week of January will be slow so you can try to wait a little. Half of the January looks good enough for me.


Maybe there’s something I don’t understand, but I don’t know what effect release date could have on sales. These aren’t pop songs, surely the only factor in making a sale is whether the music is right for the buyer’s project. As a buyer myself in here before I became an author, I really don’t care how popular or how new a piece of music is, or who wrote it. I search and I sift through the results until I find the right music. When I find it, I buy and I don’t care if it is $16 or $26. Can someone explain how release date affects this?


Hi Delevine, think of it like this; Christmas themed tracks sale best a month period before christmas, same as halloween and such. So release date matters on them. But here I am asking the market traffic at the first day of new year, which I presume there will be no big campaigns at the right start of a new year. I might be wrong as well, hence I ask about it here.

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And don’t forget about after-new-year holidays and hangovers :slight_smile:

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I in these new year’s holidays think a bit slow down, think that not so, analyze the past year. To gain strength and inspiration for the next year. Well, I think the reviewers should also take a break from the hustle and bustle. Writing music of course I will, but will upload, to be released after Christmas.

Expecting the new queued after Christmas i think i´ll start to upload Halloween stuff around 15th January. :joy:

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Right, I meant to say at first week :slight_smile:

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