If the sales get this bad!!! I Will Remove My all Music From Envato!!!

Hello guys, I have been a member of Envato for about 4 years and none of my items have been on the trrent until today. According to my observations, only certain authors’ items are sold in thousands, while our items hardly sell at all. So I will wait 2 more weeks, if the situation goes the same, I will remove all my music from Envatı.

Yours sincerely
Ender Guney


Yes, removing all music will surely increase your sales! :smiley: Honestly sounds like an emotional decision coming from a feeling of frustration and maybe anger. So yes, it sucks obviously… but instead of going all nuclear, perhaps consider becoming non-exclusive and branching out into other marketplaces? If you get no sales or only a few in a month, the extra dollars you make per sale as an exclusive author most probably doesn’t outweigh the money you could make elsewhere.

And by being non exclusive and keeping your tracks here you will still get some money from Envato, while building up your portfolio and increasing your chances of transitioning to Elements at some time, instead of eliminating these income sources completely + will have an opportunity to earn extra money elsewhere. Sounds like a win win to me. But obviously it’s up to you.


I didn’t say that my sales will increase :slight_smile: Of course I’m very angry because certain people are constantly selling! I also earn 100 times the money I earn here, you can check out my youtube profile!

The problem is not money, it’s about selling and discrimination. They found a way and they go that way…
There’s a cake in the middle and they have to share this cake together!


Well you can’t control other people :smiley: Some get lucky and do the right thing at the right time, and some do everything right and still don’t see the same results. Such is life.


Of course, I checked everyone and that’s why I wrote :slight_smile:
I hope it gets alright as soon as possible.
Good sales to you my friend… I’m following, your business is very good, good luck :slight_smile:


I see, well it was nice to chat with you plus congrats on building up that youtube channel :smiley: Thanks, I wish you lots of sales as well :slight_smile:


Thank you my friend. It was nice to chat with you too.


Haha, thanks brother :slight_smile:

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