5 years, 250 sales... great side hustle, how can i take it further? advice needed!

Super grateful to this marketplace for opening up a great “passive income” but id love to take it to the next level. I have a young family, working flat out as a sound/ mastering engineer to make the bills and sometimes the monthly deposits from Envato are the difference between eating out or rice and beans for dinner! I have very limited time i can spend on making tracks so id love some advice on optimising for the market place and making sure im getting the most exposure and sales possible. Id love some advice from some of the more established authors on here, what do i need to do to break though to the next level? IE

  • is my logo to plain?
  • are my songs too short/long?
  • are my titles non search friendly?
  • am i better of going for more quantity than quality?
  • are my attempts at graphics a bit lame?
  • am i missing something obvious?

any advice would be welcome, please be brutal, i don’t mind hearing it if its the truth and will help me grow!




Hello !
I would call your tracks one of the best on Audiojungle)
Do as you do, just do more!
But your tracks do not style Envato.
They are more suited to such as NoCopyrigthSonds on YouTube.
Have you seen the last futures? And this means that Envato needs such tracks if they put this track on the main page.
My advice if you will write in future tracks , just write more )

I would call it this:
If Ed Sheeran exhibited his tracks on Audiojangle, he would not be rich.


thanks man, appreciate the kind words!

More tracks is the obvious answer and im doing my best to try and maximise without compromising quality.

Is it a case that to get any meaningful kind of sales you really need to be full time composing for AJ to get your head above water and break through the constant stream of music? For example if you can put in 10 hours a week = 1 sale, 50 hours a week = 50 sales, kind of like compounding interest!

Yes, I think that’s how it works, when more time you give the more result come.
For me, an example of hard work, it’s OlexanderIgnatov, who constantly exhibits tracks, although not quality and not special, but he downloads constantly.
I think so :
1 If you have high-quality tracks, then this is the case and the case that you are in the top and your sales increased as an example of a StockSounds.
2 Write every day the slag that needs to be envato then there will be a profit of 400-500 sales per month, that is, you will increase the sales by the number of tracks)

And here is the dilemma of what to do?

checking in again, anyone got any advice at all?

already 253! life is getting better! :slight_smile:

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