What is wrong with my music?

Hi, sorry for your frustration on low sales but on the bright side you are an author with 15 approved tracks!! There are maybe thousands of people (like me) who struggles to get a track approved :slight_smile:

I have an irrelevant question, you seem to be using the very same instruments for uplift/corporare themed tracks; can you share which plugin/vst/libraries are using for them?

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Yea, i have no problem with approves. And i was really happy when my first track was approved, but it turned out that it’s not so simple, and you need to make a lot of work to make sales on AJ.
I use Kontakt libraries: Maverick for piano, Firebird palm muted guitar (like everyone :smile:), Session Guitarist - Strummed Acoustic for guitars. Spire, Alchemy, Avenger - it’s main instruments. Shakers, tambourines and claps - sometimes it’s Kontakt, sometimes just samples, very rarely i use loops. Plugins: Fab Filter Bundle, Replika (Delay), Slate Digital plugins. Compressors, eq - default plugins in Studio One. I think that’s all.


Packs on AJ contain tracks that have been approved and are already in your portfolio.

No, i didn’t get your emails.

Thank you for replies. I got all the answers. Is it possible to delete this topic? I have not found any information about how to do it.

Wow…what a huge amount of wasted time then.

I am responding to this email. The only thing I did differently is change the subject matter to reflect the particular tracks I was commenting on.

And they called me spammy because I responded too many times or something (their claim was that the “community” found me to be egregious in some way.

When communications are halted at the door, we all fall down.

Yes! Quantity, quality and variety

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