What I have doing wrong?


Hi, friends!!!
I am very ashamed to ask, but I really need your advices about my music. I trying to compose different tunes, but it’s not helps me in sales((( Commerce is a difficult thing for me, and I want to know what I have doing wrong? Thanks everybody for your answers and sorry for my English :smiley: This is my audiojungle page: http://audiojungle.net/user/tailoff


People need to know what it is that you’re doing, before they can advise you on what it is that you’re doing wrong!


May be your items are hard to find (bad SEO for example). Anyway it would be useful to hear the music you are talking about :slight_smile: Post it here.


Hi, dude! Are talking about tags or names of tracks? This is very bad, when title of track is not commercial? Even I all my tracks renamed, but return is noooope(


Your music is good quality, everyone is experiencing slow sales at the moment. All you can do is keep working hard!


Oh! Thank you very much! I thought what trobles in sales have me only) Dude, so do you know, what the problems on AJ now?


The search engine was changed in December and that is creating problems for a lot of authors, but the main problem is the marketplace being flooded with new authors. I think the rate of new authors signing up is probably higher than the rate of new buyers.


Yeah, very bad! Marketplace will be trashcan very soon if nothing will not change. Probably, now only old first authors will be have success on this stock in future.