Wrong musicstyle for audiojungle? wrong names? bad quality? hope for some feedback! :)

Hi @ all!

My Name is Christian and i am quit new here on AJ (sorry for my english! :D)

I have 6 items online now…and nearly no Sales :frowning:

Here a link to my Portfolio
[link removed by mod]

I really would be happy if you could give me some Feedback for my profile/Portfolio
and tell me what i do wrong.

  • Do i have a bad/wrong style?
  • are the mixes not good enough?
  • do i choose wrong names?
  • anything else i do completely wrong?

I really hope for some Feedback!
BIG BIG THX to all answers !!

Greetings Chris

Try to distribute demos of your works in different services: YouTube, social networks, etc.

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Hi ! Very many authors have no sales, more precisely, few authors have good sales. It is necessary to try, work, upload tracks stable, etc. The portfolio of 6 tracks is very small in order to wait for big sales. Good luck!


Hey Intense! :slight_smile:

First of all, your tracks sound great to me both compositionally as production-wise. They definitely deserve more attention.

In my humble opinion the problem is that you are including too many tags in the names and, given that the search engine works mostly based in exact-word-match, it’s almost impossible for a user to find it among the first results.
I would try with shorter names like “Emotional Strings”, “Cinematic Piano”, “Inspiring Adventure” and such. I know they are WAAAY cheesy but in my experience it gives better results.

Anyway, best of luck!


Hi! i am on facebook and youtube but i get no followers hehe :smiley:
… will upload on soundcloud too with link to AJ. hope it helps :slight_smile:

Hi! i work on it :slight_smile: try to upload a track every 1-2 weeks! thx for answer! :slight_smile:

Hi! thx for this tipps! I thought that more tags are better…so i was wrong :smiley: Will change the item’s names!

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Try to think like a customer entering a word or two into the search box, then make that your title. For example, one of your tracks is called Powerful Piano Strings & Synths. Very few non-musician customers would ever use the word “Synth”… What would a customer actually be looking for?

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Hey! I am happy that you write about this track. Did you listen? What or how would you classify it? I calles this track “Songf for Nature” but for AJ i cant use such tags :smiley: so…how would you name it? Or…in what genre would you put it?

If you have enough money, then invest in promotion.