Need Help :) What is Wrong ?

Hi :slightly_smiling_face:

I compose stock music for 5/6 months. I am non-exclusive on Aj and I upload music to other sites. My problem is that on Aj, I’m only linking the rejections, I can not understand why. I know we have to work hard, and that’s what I do. I had some sales on other sites and no rejections. Here is my last rejection, is it a mixing problem? composition? Thank you in advance, I wish you all success :slight_smile:

The link doesnt work.

I think it’s better now :wink: thank you :slight_smile:

I´m on the street with earphones, but i don´t hear mix troubles. And the track sounds ok for about melody
On other hand and i´m speculating with this, last year i tried to upload two songs with this kind of sound and were rejected. Maybe¿?
I hope anyone else can help.

just to see if the player can pop up:

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It’s an unfair refusal.

When completing the questionnaire to the track - write “message to the reviewer” So your track will reach the reviewer for sure.

Many thanks for your feedback ! Maybe you’re right, I think my work on the sounddesign or mixing doesn’t match with the AJ quality… But I tryed other style, more “corporate” and always the same" Your item was rejected ". I had maybe 20 / 25 rejections … So I think my way of working is not good :slight_smile:

Thank you ! Next time I’m gonna try ! I don’t think it’s unfair, I need to understand the requirements, but yes it’s a bit “hard” to have only rejections …

Be careful with this!!
Your work is good, maybe it just not good only for AJ.

Hey, what category did you submit it to? It might have been rejected because it didn’t fit the category. To me it sounds very 80s retro. I think if you submitted it to the pop category with a name like “Retro Synth Pop” it could be accepted. There are other similar tracks in that category.

I like it a lot, good luck!

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Thank you for your feedback, I submit in Ambient Category, sometime Chill or Electronic, maybe you got the point … I’m gonna try !!

you might well be right.
The thing is, they could simply do a “soft reject” in this case… !

What I don’t know is… I guess there are some reviewers that are somehow associated with some styles, I mean, some people would not be able to correctly judge Metal Rock quality, but are fine with Trailers and Classical and Jazz…

So maybe in the Ambient category, the reviewers think this is not “ambient” enough?

For the only “synthwave” track I produced, with heavy drums, I simply put it directly in the “Electronica” section.

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Here is and ended my history. I wasn’t surprised… :rofl:

I also think there are too few soft rejects. It seems like the easy way out to simply reject a track instead of giving somebody the change to improve details like titles, category or tags. However, sometimes the borders between genres or categories can’t be determined that easy, so I understand the struggle of the reviewers.

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yes, like everyone else here, I think they could at least have a simple way of saying if the mixing/mastering is not good enough, or if the track itself is not good enough.

Hi @AlisterBunclark, I want to thank you for your foresight, thanks to you, my tracks are more and more accepted … So … Thank you, I wish you all the best <3

Hey @Osynthw that’s awesome! Just listening to your latest track now, very cool sound, I hope it gets many sales!

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