I need some advice !! :)



Hi :slight_smile: I’m on Aj since 4 months now (1 exclusive account and 1 non exclusive), and I’m working with an another Music Stock library. I’m consider myself as a beginner in Stock Music composition, producing / mixing… The point is that I don’t really understand why all my submission are rejected on AJ (only one accepted a few months ago on my exclusive account) but no rejection on the other website. So don’t hesitate to tell me what is wrong, if there is a problem of mixing or composition, I’m totally open minded and ready to work to be accepted on Aj.

So here you have an exemple of my last rejection !

Thanks a lot ! :blush:


Maybe it’s because of the Pond5 watermark?

It looks perfect for a videogame like Tron or Megaman. Have you tried to put that up on Unity Asset Store?
I’m not very savvy in Audiojungle reviews (I don’t have any approved track) maybe they think it’s too repetitive for video sync.


Thanks for your reply, I’m gonna check this website ! But maybe it’s true, my music is too repetitive