Usually don't complain about rejections but this time... :-/

as stated, it’s not my habit to complain on rejections. I make my music usually because i enjoy making it, so if it is not accepted on audiojungle it’s usually not a problem.

but this time it was really weird so i would like to share the story!

Some time ago i make a short original soundtrack for a 2D art video demo:

i think it would be well suited for other kind of videos, too, and I feel the production is quite good and satisfying.

Since I’m not exclusive on audijoungle, i already uploaded the track also on other websites.
Well, this very track already sold one license on the other stock music website but today it was rejected on audiojungle!

Preddy odd, right!!? :smiley:

Seems to be fairly standard for AJ. There is a definitely an aesthetic here that you need to shoot for I’ve found, not saying that’s good or bad, it just is.

I’ve got a few tracks that definitely don’t sound like “audiojungle” that have made sales on the other stocks, AJ didn’t want em, hey no worries!

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