Please help item rejected


I would be grateful for any help why this track was rejected and if you think it is worth salvaging? My thoughts are that I might have over compressed everything or it doesn’t progress enough or sound selection.

Many thanks


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Help, I need somebody
Help, not just anybody
Help, you know I need someone, heeellllp

Hey there Ben!

First off, hope you are doing well during this time. I enjoyed your track! It reminds me a bit of the work of Tim Hecker. Really nice textures.

I am not as accomplished as many others on here are, but in my experience it is difficult to get something like this track accepted here on audiojungle. Stock music is generally not very experimental and is often used in the background of videos, sometimes with people speaking over it. The most similar type of music compared to your song that seems to do well on audiojungle is ambient songs (made for yoga and meditation and such). Usually these songs are very drone-like, and feature calming pads and synths. Your song also had some very “epic” sounding melodies at times which remind me of some of the orchestral work that does well on AJ.

When working on stock music, try to think through the mind of a video editor, or maybe someone making a youtube video. What type of music do they want? What do they want out of the music? By keeping the content creator in mind from the get-go, it can help make our music better for this type of thing.

Some examples of this might include include:

  • Strong transitions in songs

  • No obtrusive melodies or key changes

  • Easy to have in the background of videos

  • Shorter edits of tracks such as 30 and 60 second versions, or even loops

My advice would to be to find a style of music that you feel comfortable making and then look at what songs in that style have sold well on audiojungle. Analyse the songs, and take note of what they are like. Use these as a reference for what type of music does well here, and this might help you get through the rejection barrier with your music.

Also, I have found this video about adiojungle rejection and others on the same channel very helpful:

Hope this has helped you a bit. Don’t give up and keep at it! The frustration of rejection is something all of us have been through.

Many thanks for your feedback. Most helpful.

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