Multiple rejections :(

Hi so I’ve had about 8 tracks rejected now. I’ve read everything on the website a thousand times - i’ve reduced my tracks from being very busy to much more simple and without the sudden changes which were in some of my earlier submissions. While I know this isn’t perfection I’d love some feedback on my latest rejection. Here’s what they say;

'…for hard rejecting submissions where several aspects of a composition, arrangement and/or production are deemed insufficient for acceptance, regrettably.

This submission does not meet AudioJungle’s commercial production (samples/recording/mixing/mastering) standard, and its commercial composition/arrangement standard, unfortunately.

To understand commercial stock composition and arrangement better, please read the following article

Despite a few creative ideas, this track unfortunately doesn’t meet the quality criteria.’

You can hear the track here- remembering the quality won’t be quite as good as it mp3 on the video not WAV and optimised for youtube. -

I’ve had no rejections from any other website but I’m hardly doing well so clearly I’m doing something wrong. I’m not great at eq and compression and only have basic software available for that (can’t afford anything else so please don’t tell me I need a £458509680598 program)

Appreciate any comments. Thanks

I listened your style… I really liked it, the sound is friendly and it could be a nice background for some situations, even as a loop.
Well… maybe the rejection isn’t for production or quality… rather the type of the electronic sound you use . It remembered me some music videogames from 80s-90s. It’s still nice, I really loved it! but maybe curators are expecting something with more current and prevailing sounds.
It’s just my opinion…
maybe other companions can help too…
Greetings and good luck with future approvals! :smiley:

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Thanks- but I actually made the track entirely from a new soundpack I just bought! I got it 3 days before completing and submitting the track :confused: so now I’m more confused lol

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What I meant to add there and infact in the original post was that I bought a new sound pack to eradicate any issues with sound packs …

Have you analized this particular market what sells here? Have you listened trending music here? If yes, you may answer all your questions by yourself.

It just doesn’t really sound like the kind of music people on audiojungle sell. Have you had success selling it in other marketplaces?

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by the way, i checked out your facebook and I love your flute stuff. :slight_smile:


You must listen to the tracks that are accepted by AJ.

not a particularly helpful and a slightly condescending reply but thanks.

Thank you - it’s my main instrument. Unfortunately I don’t have good enough equipment to do live recordings :frowning:
I don’t sell huge amounts elsewhere as I put in the original post. I need to know WHAT is it about it that is so different?
I’ve been listening to some of your channels and I shall have another go - with even less ‘going on’ and try to get ‘modern’ sounds with great clarity. I’m going to do a full piece of music rather than a loop. Unfortunately my ears don’t work currently as I’ve had flu and bronchitis for a week.
Any other ‘tips’ for the new music to get it accepted would be appreciated. And yes, I’ve listened and read the website a million times. (sigh) Thanks for all your replies - especially the helpful ones :wink:

No need to sigh, these authors are trying to help you. If you’ve had listened the tracks accepted , you’d know why your tracks are rejected.

Good idea! :slight_smile:

I also have to say that maybe the main problem is with the style of this music. It is interesting and I would imagine to be a background music for yoga, but here on this site you need to follow the trend and if you follow the commercial you will understand why these were rejected. What I want to say that is not bad, only is a little bit extraneous on this site. My second impression is that you also have to work with your mix and master because the example you have bass freqs on the right side much more thank left side . This is not really good if you follow the mix and master standards! With this you will not able to create a good quality! Please do not hate me, I just want to help you with my honest preception! Best Regards!

Ah yes you are indeed right about the bass, I think I panned the 2nd percussion too much - I was trying to create the space that they want in the mix - I balanced the volumes but didn’t think to balance frequencies as well. I’m not great at mixing as I mentioned in the main post and I have limited software for this.
Thanks for your reply, I’ll bare those things in mind :smiley: