In need of an experienced look.

So how can you already guess i’m new on audiojungle and stock production. But not a newbie in music production. I wanted to start creating earlier, but had stuff to do, so i started in october. Since october no luck.

I just got a hard reject of my track, it’s fine, i get enough of it already so i become kinda numb for it.
Got a usual:
Comments from your Quality team

This submission does not meet AudioJungle’s commercial production (samples/recording/mixing/mastering) standard, and its commercial composition/arrangement standard, unfortunately.

To understand commercial stock production better, please read the following article

I need to sincerely ask for your thoughts about it, could it be that bad? What’s seems to be wrong? Maybe it’s because of guitar solo? Not a commercial track at all? Spent so much time to polish it, feel kinda lost in my way to quality products. I’m always comparing what i’m doing with items that become accepted and it’s kinda odd.

I can understand how much items they need to review and how hard their job is, but at least a very tiny hint would be nice.

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Sorry for you. I had been rejected many tracks that i think is my best track. But try to listen to the top items from top author. We will have the “Envato sound” right on our mind. Good luck and keep going brother.
It make our composition better and better. Fighting.

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Thanks for your kind words! :blush:
I definitely not going to give up in that search. Good luck for you too and wish ya big sales!

A little wizard to add brightness, I think it sounds a little muffled.

Here today took my track
Listen to this track, and then your realize that you sounded a little muffled.

Prob you right about it, gonna reconsider some mastering decisions.

Your tip were useful at least they say it was a bit better (i think they are) :grin:
Well, still got almost the same comments on why it’s rejected. So i’ll just give up on that one. Thanks every one :slight_smile: This track is hopeless.

Hi, @ViceProduction! I listened your track. Good work, but but there are some problems:

  1. The melody and idea is fine, but keyboard sounds that you use is not standart and very specific;
  2. Mix balance not well. (for example bass drum louder than all mix)
  3. Structure of song not bad, but for corporate track you make it better (for example delete drums form your bridge, ect)

Try to listen top selling tracks to understand “Audiojungle feel” that make music suitable for different projects :slight_smile: Hope it helps you! Good luck! :blush:

Well, that’s really helps a lot! So that’s what they meant all the time. hehe
Goin’ right there to fix all this. Keep it up to helping lost souls. Kudos! :kissing_heart: :blush:

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Good luck in fixing :blush:

Thanks a lot again! :smiley:

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Great track overall, though I felt perhaps it could be made a little shorter and with more dynamic changes? Good luck!

Don’t get discouraged, just keep making music and submitting. I’ve only had 2 tracks accepted of the many I’ve submitted, and they were the 2 I least expected to be accepted! Just focusing on making music…it’s fun and a good learning experience!

Thanks for the kind words! Prob you right about it. I’ll keep on going :blush: Wish ya more tracks acceptance and sales!

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I like your track a lot. I’m normally the first to criticise anything posted on this forum but I mostly have praise for your track.

I think the bass part is a possible reason, it feels weird the way it comes in on the offbeat.

Also the strings part isn’t the best sound, but I’ve heard stuff WAY worse.

Overall, I’d say “great job!”

Thanks for your opinion and praise feedback, it’s rly encouraging :blush:
That’s interesting idea about bass, prob i should sync it with beatline, for the sake of stock music.
Totally agreed on strings, this is one of my first works with sampled strings, so it’s like that, not good nor the worst hehe
Many thanks again!

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Your strings were not too bad considering it’s one of your first tracks with strings! Actually there are plenty of approved items on AJ with HORRIBLE strings. I imagine though that the Envato staff will gradually be tightening their criteria for acceptable string sounds, because with every year that passes it gets cheaper and easier to achieve great sampled string sounds!

Exactly, you just can’t follow as reference an track that 2-3 years old, nowday it’s probably will not be accepted, i mean some medicore tracks those years. “Keep your samples current” lol after month i just memorized it. It will be tougher i’m totally agree, but not tough enough to not let ppl be able to produce mid quality songs. Anyway songs will be better and better just as you said. :smiley:

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