Hard Rejection, whats wrong with my music?

Hi authors, I submitted five tracks and all got hard rejection.
“This item does not meet the general commercial quality standard required to be accepted on AudioJungle, unfortunately”.
I don’t know whats really wrong on my sound, I’ve been working with videomakers as a sound designer and composer. This is my first time that I try stock music. I will appreciate your advice to improve my music.

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Can anybody help me please?

I have uploaded 2 items as well, both are rejected as well. No explanation just telling me i can’t upload it again. I have other items on AudioJungle that didn’t get rejected. I feel the reviewing process has gone down the drain, before when uploading you would be able to talk to the reviewer and he would help you out. Now its just nonsense. I think your tracks are nice, maybe they have some sort of change going on. Or they are just too busy and cant handle listening to all the tracks anymore. Whatever it is, its not for the better if you ask me. I have waited patiently for 11 days, the least they could do is explain why its been rejected and why its not possible to re up them.

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Thank you for your reply.