Why my items are not getting sold ???

In my Portfolio there are many approved music from corporate categories,but there is no sales is comming from my existing items,I want to know from my author mates what’s problem on my items ??.

Your music is likely not relevant to what the buyers are looking for, of worse quality than other tracks that sell, or simply invisible. Probably a mixture of the three.

400,000+ items on AJ, 13,000 authors on AJ … most of the tracks are corporate, inspirational, motivational, upbeat, uplifting etc. … its simple math. Over the years sales on AJ became a kind of lottery - especially for new authors with small portfolios. But still its possible to be picked as a feature author or have a featured item - that can change everything :slight_smile: Good luck and don´t give up!!


In your portfolio 24 items only. If you want to get more sales you need to create more items.


Thanks :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot mate :slight_smile: a big Thanks for you again :slight_smile: @PaBlikMM

Thanks @hennesk for suggestion :slight_smile:

Well I see that you sell SFX quite well, at least way better than rest of your stuff. May be instead of trying youreslf in huge competition of corporate music (paying your attention - more than 50.000 corporate tracks here) you could involve a bit more in SFX/Sound Design etc? Or try something completly new, in terms of commercial music for sure. Corporate is not an panacea in world of stock music. Just my 2 cents.


Thanks a lot @TitanSlayer for advice :slight_smile: .

Sometimes it sounds as MIDI. The sound of some tracks (corporate) to be more soft. Good luck!

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I agree with Titan Slayer - sfx seem to do the best for you so far; maybe concentrate more there.

I haven’t tried to sell Corporate Inspirational tracks, but the competition is ridiculous!

The watermark could be softer in some of your items - it’s louder than the Mouse Click, and quite loud in a couple others - might want to update those.


Thanks @ClassicBeauty @mixsound :slight_smile:

Just keep making music, good music will go a long way to attracting attention. It’s not the only thing, but just keep at it. Don’t give up!

Hey PixelBucket! The questions you should ask yourself (instead of why they’re not selling) are “what am I bringing to the table here?” and " what differentiates my songs from other corporate positive motivational inspirational songs?" After you have these answers you will know what to do next.
Best wishes!

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Thanks @SmartOwlMusic my mate :slight_smile:

Thanks @MARiAN :slight_smile:

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well mate…sometimes, in my experience at least, there are times where nothings sales…be it summer, or december, or something where people do not hunt after music for their projects. You have to say “oh well, I could just do some more nice tracks in the meantime”…this will boost your confidence, portfolio will grow bigger, chances that new tracks will bring up more revenue now and in the future and all that…

my advice as a 2 1/2 years active on AudioJungle dude is

  • do not wait for back-portfolio tracks to sell (that is waiting for tracks that you’ve uploaded to sell
  • instead focus on adding at least 1 track / week (and also do not really wait for them to get approved, you can do other things until that)

Usually in my case, what I recently upload sells faster, and in that month I also sell a few of the back-catalogue I have.
Also, the more tracks you have in your portfolio, the more you will have to offer to customers, the more you will sell,
the happier you’ll be, and you’ll start right away to make a happy ukulele track (now i’m just joking with the ukulele :))

so yes, stay motivated, stay put, try to fit in as much time as possible to work towards your stuff on AudioJungle

myself, I decided to quit my job which was boring, stressful and really wasting my musical talent.
So now I’m on very low money, but working exclusively for AudioJungle. Which is great, my future is opened,
and I know that as much as I put into it, that much will come back to me in form of success, experience, money + maybe other rewards.

If music is your passion, than all you have to do is follow your passion. Everything else will follow

take it easy

also, I’ve checked your profile and from what I see, you have good quality music
as in well mastered, good sound quality

and your bestsellers are the things you did for the sake of the need of people
and those that were also unique to your style.

The majority of your tracks are corporate motivational and they don’t sell,
from my oppinion, because you tried to make them sound like what you heard
on corporate category, they sound too much “alike” like the others ones.

I know they sell big, but in order to sell, your track has to be unique also,
creative, not just like the other ones.

Keep your portfolio open to other possibilities because people will eventually land on your portfolio
and check multiple tracks, and if they see they repeat themselves, they would not really appreciate it.

THink about expanding into drum and bass or electronica genres, or anything else you’d like,
besides corporate (which sells best I know, but it’s about now what you sell, but what you have to offer).

Keep things running, try exploring other categories as well, for the sake of a diverse portfolio.

i hope my advices will help you in the long run

  1. Nobody knows you (yet)
  2. Try to make a little ‘softer’ sound and also make it more ‘unique’ (overall quality of your music is pretty great!)
  3. Produce, produce, produce…and then produce more!

Oh… Cheer up! :slight_smile:

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