Is Audiojungle all about "Corporate Motivational etc etc"?

I have the feeling that despite i have 110 track with lots of variety, i should make some corporate inspirational positive uplifting tracks that everyone is making because that’s apparently what audiojungle is for. Maybe i am in the wrong place. Any ideas?

Unfortunately everyone copies what sells most from different authors and use the same sounds, arrangement and template to create tracks. I think you are best suited to have a portfolio that is rich in variety rather than have a bland generic corporate track that does not sound any different to the thousands of tracks that have the same construction. Be different, be obscure and try not to stay within a very tired and dull category. My 2 dolla worth.


My experience on AJ market is not long enough to give any advice regarding this matter, but when i started , i had the same feeling, that i have to follow the best selling genre. Somehow, and i really appologize to corporate music authors, they are doing a great job, but i cannot stand this genre.So i avoided it as much as possible. Maybe i was wrong, but i compensated that with the genres i felt comfortable with.The market is big towards the corporate music, but is also strong for other genres too.


I agree, i am in the same mindset, but being different doesn’t sell tracks in my experience and it really bums me out and hinder my passion for it.

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I really don’t know, the best sellers list always consists of corporate genre and not much else.

You have 2 corporate tracks. You should probably do. :grin:

How are you going to survive without them? :grin:

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yes out of 110, and out of desperation.

110 has long been zero here. :grin:

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Thank you for your deep insight.

There are basically thousands, or more corporate tracks on AJ. Same chord progression , more or less, same instruments, same structure. What can be added to make the customer choose your track instead of others? A better mix? I do not believe that corporate music customer may distinguish a great mix.Is just a background music track which is a non-silence alternative with some motivational, dumb mood.Again.This is not an insult to corporate music authors or customers!


I am only active for the las two years. And i am not asking for anything, just want to hear the other authors opinions about the current situation. Not some snarky comments.

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Yes i agree. Creativity doesn’t play much role here.

A sane answer. Sitting on the site for 8 years and wondering why there are no sales and upload 110 items in 8 years? This is at least strange.
My opinion.

Again, been active for two years. The reason is not the track count, or MY sales. The reason is the sites main customer base. I am trying to highlight a situation and your trying to make it about something else.

As far as I know, Envato has a large customer base. This is probably not the problem.

I say its more a matter of dignity and not pretending. Its like real life, if you pretend people will notice it, if you love something people will also notice it, if you say what you love and all and you are real, people will also notice it. When you try to copy a best seller and recreate it, you are pretending, you have to really feel it inside you before you write it and make it emotiona land original otherwise it will show.

Its good to have variety as others say, its good to try and do 1-2-3 corporate tracks to sale, BUT in the end what matters is your REAL SELF, people will not come for your 1-2-3-4-5-6 corporate tracks here, (just brainstorming), people will come for YOU, and YOUR STYLE, as every painter and all artists have their own style, people like them for that. I made a mistake to try and do corporate, ambient house ukulele and all that @#$% while my real love was something else and more aggressive and energetic, why I did it? I wanted to try myself, what did I earn? maybe $100 in 5-6 years, so was it worth it? hell no, if I kept my own style and path I would be more succesful. So please keep your OWN STYLE, thats the real YOU, and I am not saying to not try and do corporate songs, but if you feel you don’t like them (as I did) then don’t do it. You won’t earn something new from it, maybe you will earn 100 to even 2000 for ex. usd, but then you will have losen yourself, your real you!

Making a hit corporate (because its the best selling), is not like that easy, you have to really focus your everyday life and energy to it and become better, its like you have to study and learn maths, physics etc. So choose carefully your own way! One life is not enough to be perfect at all professions, and music genres are like different fields of proffesions, so pick 1-2-3 you love and do those! <3


Why is there a conversation only about corporate tracks?
The situation is exactly the same with Epic music.
There are a huge number of the same.
They all look alike…


Epic#inspiring#uplifting#motivational#upbeat#cinematic#dramatic#documentary …etc…


It’s worth noting that the corporate category isn’t the only one which is massively oversubscribed.

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Hi mate!
Spiros here.

I am totally new to the field (few months and part time occupation), but I have the exact same feelling.
That feeling is amplified also by a bunch of rejections of anything that isn’t “commercial” (vague and general term -I know- but you know what I mean).