My very first attempt!

Hi Guys,

I would like to share with you my very first (serious) attempt at making a Corporate motivational track, generic title and all! This kind of music is totally new to me so feedback would be superwelcome!

I’m not sure if I’ll make another corporate track anytime soon, because the producing process is way different (slower) from how I usually prefer to work.

I really like to know what you guys think!


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I like. Soft pleasant music :slight_smile:

In the near future I will try something like that to write :blush:

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Thanks, man! Let us know when you finish it!

Relaxing it is! Nice and clean track.

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Thanks, mate!

I think you have a real clean, soft sounding corporate track. Nice job! You might want to re-think not doing another one for a while :wink:

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Haha, you have put the audiojungle watermark in sync, haha… seems weird man, the song is great though nice and peaceful

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Thats what I call Corporate Music!

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@MidnightSnap @Wesual: thanks guys! @Pandocrator: Yeah I figured I might as well let it sync up at the beginning of the bars… like a weird vocal.

I Finish it! And aproved on AJ! :smile:

Nice! Good to see my track ‘inspired’ you to make a track like this! :wink:

And I see you got a sale already! Nice work; hope you get many more :smile:

So cool, clean and nice :slight_smile:

Thanks, mate!

Cool sound, what instruments you use?)