My first track approved! Corporate/tropical sound, waiting for your advice and... sales!

Hi everybody! New author here!

I’m very excited about becoming a part of this community since my first track just got approved.

I tried to be a little creative with mixing some sunny tropical influence into a corporate based track, eventhough I knew it wasn’t a safe bet.

What do you think, is it going to sell? Or is it better to go for a pure corporate sound? What are your experiences and thoughts? I’m new here so I’m pretty curious about your opinions.


Great job @HotBeatz. Congratulations for the approval of your track. Good luck with the sales :slight_smile:

Great job buddy . the melody is fresh and clean . good luck with sales :blush: . and welcome to the community

Thank you guys!

Congratulations :wink:

Thank you!

Congrats! I like softer bass drums, but melodies are interesting) Good luck for sales! :slight_smile:

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Thank you, I find your observation pretty interesting and useful :wink: