Corporate tracks saturated?

I have been trying to get some corporate tracks uploaded but have had a few rejects recently :disappointed:
it’s pushing me to work harder at my skills though which is good :slight_smile:

But there are so many quality items uploaded each day in this category that I wonder if it’s saturated and therefore very competitive and difficult to actually achieve success with sales?

Maybe a better route would be to find that niche market or carve out an individual style?
But would that sell in this field of music?

Any thoughts?


I’d say that currently its hard to get decent sales in any category without extreme luck. Such is the current ratio between new items and total sales.

Hi there -
the corporate / motivational market is in my opinion way over loaded with items - some very good and maybe some not so. I think what has happened is a clone frenzy due to the success of LumenMedia and AurusAudio and now supply far outstrips demand (I could be wrong of course). Personally I think it it best to create a unique style but still keep the commercial viability hat on. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the thoughts…

It seems that the effort needed to get decent sales in corporate will only come to the top 5-10%, maybe less. The ‘luck’ factor you mentioned is a bit concerning too?

Well it’s simple mathematics - divide the amount of purchases per day with the amount of new tunes per day.

It’s a bit demoralising actually

Is there actually a way to know how many purchases go down on AJ each day?

Not that I know of, but you can gain some insight by checking popular files of the past weeks and adding them up and dividing per days and comparing them to past months situation to see if it’s staying the same or dropping or growing faster than the new tunes getting uploaded… I have a hunch that the difference between total sales of popular files has stayed about same or even dropped, while amount of new tunes is increasing

I’d be interested to know how many people will join Audio Jungle over the next year to give it a go?

I haven’t noticed how many pages of authors it has gown by in the past year or two but it’s at 304 at the moment?
That’s not including no sale profiles.

Corporate is pretty burned out and mind you many of the tracks being uploaded to that category, besides others, are almost direct copies of each other. Time to be unique and set your own trends for the long haul…

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When I joined last year, there was a bit more than 14 000 authors (with at least a sale) and now the count is at 15 200, so around 1200 last year. (Quite a lot of people, but many are not much active).

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It´s so saturated than corporate style tracks are saturating even Ambient Atmosphere category… :sob:

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I think it’s better to get in Corporate category only if author can make quality tracks like Top authors to be competetive.
In other way they can be approved,but sales will be around 0-5

I think your right: nothing wrong with aiming for a top spot, but it can be frustrating if a lack of breakthrough continues. One of the best ways to improve skills is from the masters. I don’t think many artists have ever succeeded without listening, watching, copying etc. those that have perfected their craft.