Your first sale


Friends are musicians, I greet you!
Tell us how long you waited for the first sale of your first track. Just intresno - yesterday after the approval of the track was immediately sold)))
Does this always happen, or is it just a happy coincidence and I’m lucky?


I’m sure there are many different stories to tell. My first sale was actually on my second approved track - one month after its approval. My first approved track (which I had entered in the AJ Trailer Contest) then sold a couple of weeks after that. So it took 2 months before my first approved track sold. Confusing??? :slight_smile:


My first track to sell was my 3rd uploaded track, aptly named “Breakthrough”. And, like you say, it sold straight after uploading (this is due to the high exposure of brand new tracks on the front page). Sadly, my first ever uploaded track has still never sold, even two years later :joy: