New author & 2 tracks Approved first time - barely any views or one sale in over a week?


Brand new author here and just uploaded my first two tracks a week ago, they were accepted first time which after reading through the sheer amount of rejection topics in this forum and Reddit etc i guess i can consider it as a positive? but they are getting very little traction thus far…

am i being a little impatient? are the tracks not suitable for sync? (tracks below)
can anybody tell me their experience of sales coming in and roughly how long after upload time?


Hello! Now is a slightly different time, and not as before, when for example, after my first track in my portfolio, I got a sale almost immediately. The number of authors has grown markedly over the years, the number of new items is also growing very rapidly. In my opinion, these are good tracks. But I would not stop and just leaned back in his chair and watched as sales came. No. Write new tracks and increase your portfolio to at least 50 tracks to start selling something here.
Good luck!:wink:

Just a week ago? Customers need to

  • Find your music
  • Like your music
  • Update their projects to fit your music
  • Compare yours to others music
  • Finalize the projects
  • buy your music

Add to that the declining traffic to the audiojungle website, the non-descriptive titles you gave your music and the oversaturation of the genre you uploaded to and that pretty much boils down to a “yes, a week of no sales is standard”. Some tracks go by without a sale in their whole lifetime.

cheers for the reply, and wow ok, i better get a shift on and put some hours into churning out as many quality tracks as i can. thanks :+1:


okay thats fair, but how so are they “non-descriptive”

even i thought my titles were a little to descriptive?


Think about the way a customer searches for music and the fact that track titles are the number one factor in search result showings. If you aim for customers searching for “Live Night” (since for and the are ignored by the search engine), than you’re pretty much ok with the title. But “Upbeat Electro Pop” would describe the mood and style much clearer.

You will also have a lot more competition with clear descriptions, but those tags probably also have higher traffic. Track titles is an interesting topic. Go for clear, high trafficed tags or for niche tags where your song will stay on top of the search results for a longer time?

oh i see, my titles for the tracks linked are different to the ones on the soundcloud ones i provided, sorry for not making that clear.

Okay. I did not bother to check your portfolio and just assumed you used the titles displayed here.

okay nice one, i’ll take this on board - thanks for taking the time to respond in detail :+1:

I’m doing more niche music as a hobbyist but if you care, here is a nice story of mine about titles:

I originally named this track “Happy Day” cause I did not want it to compete with the more competitive “happy piano” titles. It did not sell. After two weeks, I changed my mind because judgin from the sales other tracks made in that “Happy Day” title tag search results, they were not frequented enough by coustomers. Changing the title to the original idea “happy piano” would result in it being swallowed by newer tracks (two weeks in a popular title is pretty much end of search result page). So I went for “Piano Happy” since the order of tags in the title is also relevant and a lot of non-english speakers (french, spanish,…) are used to putting adjectives behind nouns.

The track sold very well (it is now one of my best sellers and is still sold relatively often after over a year online) and it still remains at the top of the pretty good frequented but less competitive “Piano Happy” title search results.

Titles are importand. I rename older songs frequently. If one did not sell in a popular search result (usually if I find it on page 3 or 4) I will give it a new title that has more niche tags. I can recommend you search for synonyms on the google search. The more tags you combine, the more niche your track becomes since it will not show on single-tagged searches but it will on multi-tag-searches,