How many tracks do you sell per week?

We note that the AJ system “seems to ensure” us a monthly sales threshold. Do you feel the same?

No. The number of sales you have per month is directly related to the quality, quantity and consistency of your work.

If you upload good music consistently, then your average sales per month will also increase.

The idea of a sales “limiter” has been discussed to death on these forums but there is no evidence for it. Show me your sales record that shows identical sales each month and I will change my mind.


@AlisterBinclark, thanks for your words! Maybe it’s just an impression. However, we have observed a regularity both in number of sales and in figures in recent months that made us think about it. Precisely because of this I would like to know more about the impressions that other creators are taking on.

…And a little bit of luck :wink:


The question is how to find inspiration ? Where can I get it? The surviving lemon without sales is a poor quality of the author. It’s time to say “Goodbye to Envato Market”?

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Thanks, @CleanMagicAudio. we believe AJ remains a great opportunity.

About inspiration, what has driven our productivity is a sense of consistency and research, always seeking to produce better. Think about the advertising market and trends, and make the production technically more effective, and seek to improve various aspects including personal organization, team, file systems, samplers, etc.

Setting the target is also a matter of planning. But, returning to the question of the threshold of vends: we find that, by experimenting with sequencing, more trails and good quality, sales (or the chance of new sales) increase, but even more noticeable is that, regardless of this action, numbers remain similar month by month. It’s just an impression, but it caught our attention.


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I honestly should not have expressed myself well, and I do not know if I understood his position. Sorry for my poor english, I have used google translate to try to express some ideas.

do not you advise observing that there are market trends, fads, loudspeakers in evidence, specific needs for specific audiovisual produts? Since we are producing for commercial purposes, I think there is methodology in this, intelligence and strategy, without, of course, ignoring the mysteries of intuition and even luck, so as not to sound overly rational, since we are essentially talking about music. Do you think of AJ as some kind of artistic expression space, where the artist expresses himself through his art, seeking to impact the world with his work? Thank you very much for the opportunity for dialogue, I do not think I understood the quote and would just like to understand it better.

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Uhh. I’m a little individual author who has his own opinion!

Of course not! Here business in money!

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believe it or not, sales are almost linear with time.
this is the graph of 3 randomly chosen authors during time (one it’s me).
(Y= number of sale, X= time)

these are my sales over a 5 years lifespan:
(Y= number of sale, X= time)

the only thing i still need to understand is what define the steepness! :slight_smile:

i think this is pretty interesting.


@Bosone: Really, an interesting point of view!

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Very interesting !

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I think the key is go beyond the usual thing… you have to do research about how to say the same with different elements in music, seeking some originality… sometimes I find here original corporate tracks… although most of them are almost the same.
This must make the difference… :slight_smile:
good luck!


Very interesting, but I hope some of us can improve their sales and not stay “linear”… otherwise I should stop right now :frowning: