A month passed after the approval of my first track on audiojungle

A month passed after the approval of my first track on audiojungle.
To date, my portfolio consists of seven tracks and has only three sales.
I think that this is not the best result …

Maybe I do not write very commercial songs?
This is my portfolio: https://audiojungle.net/user/audioarsenal/portfolio

Friends, please tell us what results you had in a month after the approval of the first track?

PS: It would be great to hear your advice on how to improve the results.

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Hello @audioArsenal.
There is no definite rule about the first month on the jungle, sales are not to be taken granted. Maybe the question here is what was your expectation? And in comparison to what author(s)…

Best wishes and lots of sales!

Thanks for the answer, MARIAN

Keep uploading more tracks. Do not stop with uploads. This is the only way to be visible here and therefore get sales.

Thanks for the valuable advice!

Better than me. I am a month old with 7 items also. I have 1 sale! I think my tunes are less main stream commercial, they are folk and country mostly so far… :neutral_face:

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Hi, i got 3 tracks 2 of them had 1 sale each and 1 track had 6 sales in one week.

You have very cool tracks!
I especially liked the Romantic Acoustic Guitar Solo.
Good sales to you and a magical inspiration!

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I think that for one track 6 sales in seven days is not a bad result.
Good luck with sales!
Be happy!

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My results were worse than yours.
Maybe it’s the main stream, maybe you can gain visibility with more tracks in your portfolio… the most important: keep uploading, learn and enjoy alot composing! :smiley:
Good luck with sales and hugs!

it’s a good start. It took me 3 months for the first sale. Take time friend.

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Thanks! Good luck with your sales too :smile:

I was quite suprised that i already had sales the first week. I was very happy.

Good luck for all.