No Sale :(


6 musics approved today and not a single sale :cry: Why?


Wait, wait sale after Monday)


No money-:slight_smile:


Hahaha yeah no money :grin:


Maybe because you are related to me? My music never sells, as if my profile is invisible LOL.


I have many tracks that still have 0 sales. I think AJ is a longterm numbers game for 99% of the folks playing the AJ game. Just keep at it and I’m sure you’ll reap the benefits a few years from now if you can be patient with it. Anyone agree?


@themusemaker Yeah! absolutely right.


Sometimes there are weird selling patterns. Be patient and keep on producing. For example, I just had 12 days with zero sales, and 3 sales today. I never had 3 sales in one day before, nor 12 days with zero sales. Consistence is key :slight_smile:


That’s too much 12 days :grin: with no sale, Yeah we are still working on our new items :wink:


Well its a three step process. First you got to get past the guards, then it got to be a hit, then you need to have some luck :wink: :surfer:


I trully wish you to break the no sale pattern soon!


@ChoclateFix I hope so too.


In the future, you probably want to space out your tracks so they all don’t release on the same day - in this case, a slow day.

Also, since only one of your tracks can appear at any time on the AJ homepage, there’s another reason not to upload everything at once. It’s better to have one track up each day than six new tracks but only one shows up on the homepage.


Wait until you get several sales in a row from unrelated customers within one hour. It happens too and the more items you have, the bigger are the chances.


Really thanks for the note @InspiringSound we should follow this rule and yeah today our 4 music tracks approved at once haha hope in future we don’t make this mistake. :blush:


Hey Koffeeion! A bit of positive feedback on your tracks.
First of all, a big portfolio doesn’t mean sales. The files you upload are subject to a very competitive offer and a very large market. The tracks I heard on your portfolio have nothing wrong on their composition, but to be honest I think they lack a bit of mastering. The devil is in the details, and sometimes the lack of a more professional sound prevents you from fulfilling your potential. I should know about it, I have tracks that never sold in my portfolio and I think that derives from a general lack of mastering. Anyway, keep up the good work!


There is really no sales pattern as such. Some tracks sell in the hundreds, other tracks very very similar and with the same production value have zero sales. I have been around here for very little but I’m not sure it’s going to work out for me. Worth a try anyway.


I don’t know, it seems pretty random to me so far. I haven’t sold anything in 5 days or so and the start of the month has been more generous in this regard, by comparison. Oh well, I’m still starting however, I’m definitely going to expand my roster of tracks and it doesn’t hurt to try.


Thanks for your feedback :blush: i really appreciate. We keep focusing on mastering and hope in future we make great music tracks.