Tips to have more sales


What is your best tips to have more sales on the jungle ??


Hard work generally does the trick, but promoting yourself via social media also helps. Soundcloud, YouTube, Vimeo etc. are also good venues for self-promotion.


Good karma! :slight_smile:
but if seriously - believe in yourself and write tracks suitable under the background!


Hard work, hard work and hard work


Don’t work hard… work smart!


Agreed! I could spend a billion hours trying to write annoying corporate music and would get very little sales. Or I can spend a quarter of that time writing music that I like (and that also will sell well) and have a lot more success.


That’s true ! Thanks for the advice


Also, always be writing and submitting. I think that’s the absolute most important. I don’t have any crazy top sellers, but I have 90 tracks that have moderate sales. That adds up after time. It took me a year to get to this point though!


By the way, listen to some of your track. Very, very good !!!