How can I promote my Themeforest product for a Good Sell ???

I want to promote and marketing my themeforest product, Please tell me tha best way to marketing my product…

Thank you

Hello @envatoprime

you can market your product on social media, email marketing, seo

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Hire a Digital Marketer in your team if you don’t know marketing. That is the best way to get your product noticed.

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I strongly consider starting by changing your user name - envato is a trademark and they don’t permit it’s use in product or user names

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not to mention that this maybe not be a good idea if he is non exclusive lol

well this maybe a good idea if he has means enough …

this is the most affordable way for sure, promoting the graphic part on deviantart or dribbble might be good ideas too


give it for $1

hehehehe I am the first buyer :smiley:

how to change my user name