Advertise your WordPress Theme

Since I noticed that envato has stopped the marketing of the themes and only focusing on envato elements at the moment.

The Sales are dropped.

Is there anyway to market the theme since the income has dropped drastically in last 3 months.

Now the WordPress theme is going to be added in the element form Aug 2017.

What do the community suggest.

1- Buy sell ads
2- Google Adwords
3- SEO

Since I am updating my themes to the current standards i.e. bundle in WordPress Theme but since they are not new so I think they would need some marketing to get them up again?

What do the community suggest?

Or should I only improve the theme and they would automatically start sales? Any suggestion.

Hi thejkthemes

I feel ‘much the same’ though not with themes I am sure that there is not enough ‘marketing’ done out there generally. OK as an author sure we should also do our own marketing but for many of us (small biz/independent type people) that takes up time when we should/could be doing something else.

I have thought for some time that there could be a way where a bunch of authors ‘work’ together via say twitter etc. to cross promote items via follows, re-tweets etc. OK I don’t use twitter daily (I should) but when I am busy I don’t have time, when quiet I do. I suspect others are much the same.

I do have a system where I can create up to 500 tweets and have them ‘automatically’ posted but again I don’t have 500 separate ‘promotional’ tweets but with others say 10 of us (50 tweets each) we could push out more and cross promote daily say 4 tweets a day. We would/could end up with more followers and links back to our websites etc. Might be a way of getting hits?

What do you think?

This not a bad idea to do but this is not all.

but we have to put ads or make a community group so that everyone could get their sales

Sure ad’s reviews, guest blog posts etc. (and I’n not thinking of on envato but places like FB, Google plus, etc.) A bit like ‘buy one get one free’ - write a review then somebody writes a review for you - you don’t write review nobody reviews your products.

To me it should all be about links in to get hits and getting known to a wider audience the more followers etc the more chance we have. OK I’m not saying it will generate 100’s sales - I doubt that, but it’s about giving us a ‘chance’ to get sales and if we have say 10 people that means we each have a ‘marketing department’ of 10 people :slight_smile: that could be worth a few $ in ‘hidden’ costs that we don’t have to pay for. Example if we each spent 1 hour a week ‘co-operating’ on marketing than that is 10 hours - and that is about 9.9 hours more than I currently have :slight_smile: but seriously 10 people doing 5, 10 or 15 mins a day can/could create a lot ‘marketing’ and prop. more marketing than we are each doing individually.