Need Help For : Managing Wordpress Themes and Plugins



Hello Mates,

Hope All of you are working amazingly and Earning So much on Envato.

We have recently started working on Envato Group Marketplaces, We have 1 Wordpress Theme Listed and 4 Worpress Plugins. Over all sale is good (Not the best, It will for sure :wink: )

I need help for below things from my senior authors, So Newbie like us can grow.

  1. I want to know, How We can as a SMALL TEAM manage lots of wordpress plugins/themes easily? Because We always have new Wordpress updates, New Bugs, and New Functionalities. We always need to manage Versions and all. Do you guys use any softwares to manage this? Please share your views so we can make things more organised and Easy to manage. We use Trello right now, But our board is not much organised :slight_smile:

  2. I am thinking, Just sit and wait for users to come on themeforest and codecanyon is not enough, I should do some other digital marketing, Can some one share their views on this, How to do marketing, Which marketing tactics are effective and so on. I am doing some marketing using guest posting, forum posting and Blog Writing.

Looking forward to getting replies from you.

Thanks in Advance