I am looking for help


I have just purchased a license for WP Forest Theme News Magazine and I need help with migration and customisation.

I have more than 1 projects- about 6 more, but I want to start with (info removed)

I can be contacted (info removed)

Thank you

You can find vetted freelance help at www.studio.envato.com which has the added benefit of protection from envato.

Charlie, they are asking for $50.00 just to install it the WP theme:) and the client has provide the FTP, host, server, user name, passwords and they want just to Click, Click and Click. haha

Does your client know that you don’t know how to install and configure a Wordpress theme?
You’re looking for someone else to do your job for pennies.

$50 really not that much.

What. are you offering as client work if you can’t install or edit the website?

If you go to envato studio then you are protected by envato. If you find someone in forums or elsewhere then you are giving ftp access and control of a clients website to a complete and unaccountable stranger who could do anything.

With respect, if installing a theme is alien, then making on going edits and changes is going to be out of reach too.

I have already installed the theme but I deactivated, and of course I will pay for the help.

It took me 5 min using FTP and I am good at it, I am just to old to learn again, my first website was in HTML and then php

I am NOT good at it

You can deleted my post, I did not explain myself well, I did not to make it look like I wanted for free, but one guy asked me pay 500 euro in advance and he showed me some blogs and shops websites based on standard scripts. Sorry for wasting your time. Thank you