Hello! I'm new here - and lost! LOL



Hello! :-0) I came here to find a WP theme for my site. I have to learn WP - UGH. Is there anyone here willing to hold my hand and walk me thru finding a good theme and getting it uploaded to my site? I’d so appreciate some help!




Hello and welcome to the Envato Market, you can start browsing Wordpress Themes here: http://themeforest.net/category/wordpress
For almost every theme you buy, you get support for the 6 months. I hope you will enjoy our community.
Enjoy shopping!


Thank you! I saw that section but don’t really know what I am looking at. Is there a phone number I can call for help? Don’t see one.


Learning WordPress may look to be a daunting task but in time you’ll wonder why you thought that way. First thing to do put a webserver on your PC. Bitnami (apache friends) have just such a creature that installs everything you need to imitate a working host. Then have them install WordPress for you. Done if a few minutes.

The best place to learn about WordPress is WordPress themselves. Search around a bit and then get you hands dirty. You might surprise yourself! When you are ready, get back on themeforest and search for the type of theme you want. Some are a breeze to install and set up, others so complicated you wouldn’t want to use them. Only experience will let you find and buy from really good authors. look for the support instances and see how many times people ask about the same thing and don’t get the right answer to tell if an Author is for you.

As for help from this community? I don’t think you’ll get any more help than I’ve just given you. We are all here to make money. Either selling our work or buying someone elses. Specialty teaching sites charge money too. W3schools.com will help you understand CSS and HTML but WordPress themselves are the best free place to learn about it.:wink:


Hey Allen!

Ok… This is how ignorant I am. I had no clue you all were professionals. LOL Sorry… And THANK YOU!!! You are very kind and generous. Very much appreciated!

So I’ve been playing around with WP for a few hours and it’s not something I want to set up. Too hard. I would love to barter with someone. I have two businesses. I am a happiness coach (which is the site I am setting up) and a dog trainer. www.MissMannersForDogs.com (I train dogs by phone (crazy but true! Money back guarantee) and also, with a training manual I wrote (I used to be a newspaper reporter, inc for San Jose Mercury News - it’s very well-written and easy to follow and comes with unlimited free help and also, a money-back guarantee.)

Is this something I may find someone for here?



Hi @HappyCoach! You can hire someone to install and/or customize your WordPress theme via our sister site, Envato Studio. Best of luck with your theme + business! :slight_smile:


Thank you! Very nice…:innocent:


happy to help you
add me on skype: danypauldesigner


You are so kind! THANK YOU! I can download Skype but my computer doesn’t have a camera. Will that work?

Email: HappinessCoachTori@gmail.com