Selling on Themeforest

Hello. Is it possible to earn something making WordPress Themes ? Two or even one year ago there were no Theme with at least 20 sales, today even elite authors very rarely have sales like this. I see authors that had more then 500 sales and now they got 10-15 … Does WordPress trend end? I try and try but also looking on all products ,it seems impossible to earns some “good” money or even rewarding time spent in production…

Old days are gone!

That;s true … but question is … does WordPress trend just end and customers are no more interested in buying new themes or TF just minimized budget on advertise making from TF “milk cow” and invest for example in envato elements …

Nothing to do with WordPress trend. All due to ADP and Elements.

Now, you’re asking a great question.

“A / B Testers”, hearing this?
Don’t you think that this question is far more important than your “A / B Tests”, if you will still be here in the LONG-RUN?

Who would upload to this marketplace where stability is the greatest problem, all the marketing is on the shoulders of authors, reputation is down because of the (some) non-responsible work approved (reading OTHER forums on the net?), ThemeForest not advertising once it was before (if you think ThemeForest is known enough, think again + if you think ThemeForest is known enough what’s the purpose of an affiliate program, right?), everyday new bad surprises, exposure down everyday…

And , not only that, a huge banner on top of the marketplaces (including our own items’ pages where we work very hard to drive visitors) stealing our visitors , where thousands of items given away for almost FREE?..

Just wait for the day when Wordpress items will be sold for almost FREE in Elements.

ENVATO Managers should ask this question to themselves…:
Would you waste your precious time to upload months of hardwork to Envato under the circumstances above? Would you like to become an author here?

The answer of the question above is the only A/B test you need.

Think about this.

hm … if it’s true and I look at envato elements - there are many landing pages, websites templates, email templates etc. then Envato Elements will kill TF in the near future… hm it’s time to think about other job :slight_smile: