What happened to sales on Themeforest

What happened to sales this month. I have been Working on Envato for the last 4 years full time. I got about 23 WordPress Theme in the past 4 years.

But this month is very strange on 3 sales so far.

Is there any big news I am missing as far as sales are concerned.

Did Envato stopped the marketing for ever and there is no use of developing more themes? or what is the reason.

Moreover I do have some html & PSD’s as well but without sales.

I had one html for magazine this month but only 2 sales & then stopped.

Could any one tell me what is the issue. or it is now finished?

I think buyers like to buy multi-purpose instead of niche theme. Just my two cents :slight_smile:

I notice from 14-16 no sales, after on 17 was a start.
Hope from Monday to be better like before 1-12 was the best period.