ThemeForest sales dead?

It’s just me or have the sales died?

I felt a decrease in sales in the past few days as well … I have no idea why. Anyone else?

Same here. It’s been a week since my first ever item approved and I’m yet to see any sales. It’s very disheartening

Not only themeforest. Just the same on Graphicriver.

Me too, not few days. It happened this month.

It’s not dead. All sales goes to Multi Purpose Themes… :slight_smile:

We’re seeing the same things. We have one theme and one plugin for sale and sales have really slumped over the last few weeks. This month is looking to be our worst month in quite a long time. Could this be related to the new search algorithm that was recently put in place? I guess we will see as time goes on.

Hopefully sales rebound for everyone soon.

How are you doing now ? :slight_smile:

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