Guys do you think that themeforest is dying??



Hello guys do you think that themeforest is dying?
Before when i lanunched some themes we got 600+ sales and more now the max you can get a 20 sales for a normal theme that take you at least 2 months it’s not a logic equation. I see a lot of people launching their own stores maybe because themeforest take 50% from your profits before it wasn’t a problem because when you hit 300+ sales now when you get 20 sales an themeforest take 50% or 30% from your profit it’s not a good deal for authors.

What do you think?


It is exactly as you say my friend :stuck_out_tongue:


Short answer - yes it is.


I don’t think so. Actually, in initial days of ThemeForest, there are only solo developers but now companies jumped over here and they start, lets say 10 theme in each month. So, when themes will come with this count then obviously sales will divide over those. Now, Your item disappeared from front page in 2 or 3 days. There was no such need to advertise your products but now, you do.


All the info I’ve seen indicates that it’s going from strength to strength. It’s just that with great popularity comes great competition.